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    Why do I have to contact my reseller to have trial named-user licences (that neither I or my reseller requested) removed from my CC account?

    CS Adobe Administrator

      After buying 50 device licenses for Dreamweaver, 50 named-user trial licences were added to my CC account (along with the 50 device licences). The trials expired after 1 month and now the team management interface reports payment issues and that that I must contact my reseller to remove the named-user licences. The reseller did not ask for these named-user licences to be added and neither did I. How do I get these named-user licences removed? Adobe support tell me that I have to raise an order with my reseller (for the licences that I don't want) and then cancel  the order to have the named-user licences removed. That solution sounds stupid frankly so we won't be doing that.