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    Crashes with IE7 and HHActiveX.dll

      I got a call today from one of our employees who reported that he could make the HTML Help viewer crash just by moving his mouse over the tool bar at the top of the help window. This only occurred when viewing one particular help topic in a CHM file that I authored, and only when that help topic was reached by following a particular path. This problem was repeatable on his computer. He said that this started happening when he installed Internet Explorer 7. I was unable to duplicate the problem even though I too had IE7 on my computer.

      To make a long story short, the problem turned out to be a copy of HHActiveX.dll that was installed with a copy of the MusicMatch player. When that dll was unregistered using the command line "regsvr32 /u hhactivex.dll" the problem went away.

      For what it is worth, the CHM file in question does not use browse sequences or a glossary. I do manually turn on the bit in the project properties that enables the Next and Previous buttons on the toolbar (as in the old MSDN viewer on or before Oct 2001). The CHM file was authored using an old version of RoboHelp (2002r2). We do not distribute the HHActiveX.dll with our software -- he just happened to have a copy installed with MusicMatch.

      Just thought I would pass this along in case it helps somebody else.