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    Long table content disappears when modification is made

    Christophe Huget


      I got this issue since two years but never found the time to search a good fix to get rid of it.

      I have this 20 pages long file containing one single table (a price list) running in a text bloc (1 text bloc per page, each one linked to the other of the next page). When I modify a line of this table, add a line, delete a line or whatever I do related to the table, I got some text blocs of the following pages that doesn't show their content anymore. Ex: I add a line in the table on page 2, then probably my page 3 will be blank. The fourth could be visible but the fifth will probably be blank too...and so on. The invisible text block is there, but the content is simply not visible. I found I had to resize the text bloc to get my content visible again (I say visible because, it's not gone, it's just not visible, I can select the content, but it's white on white-text and inline images). The issue is not constant but it happens quite regularly. It looks like Indesign has to recalculate the appearance of the table in the text bloc but miss a step and glitch.

      I wouldn't care so much if it wasn't affecting my PDF but it does. When I export my file in PDF, some page can be white. So every time I have to modify one cell in my file, I have to go to the last page, resize the text bloc of that page and then, all the previous pages will be visible again. I guess the file is complex as the table has around 1000 lines, 400 vector images, 50 cross references and around 100 anchors. I have to say that this file is veeeeery slow.

      About the resizing of the text bloc, it seems it affect only previous linked text blocs. The following ones won't be reset.

      I really don't know what can cause this but if someone has a clue, don't hesitate to tell me, I got a bunch of file with this problem and actually, having to resize every time text blocs and waiting it to show the content again, slow my work considerably.