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    Accessing SWF variables in Flex 2

      1.Hi. Is there any way for Flex 2 to directly access the variables in a SWF file. I have seen the posts on using LocalConnection to do this, but am just trying to find the most efficient route.
      I was just wondering if anything has changed now that flex 2 is fully developed. Does Flash 9 make this easier because it uses AS3 (I am using flash 8 professional)?

      2. Alternatively can I create the objects used for the SWF in flex 2 dynamically. I am just using images? I have been try to get a movieClip to load an image using AS3 in flex 2 without success. Any help would be appreciated.

      3.NB - Eventually I will have to print out or save the final image produced - PDF/JPEG - I've been reading about that and it seems even more complicated.