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    Connect failed because the object is already connected

      Starting a new thread because this one hasn't seemed to garner any attention from who we really need help from--the Flex team.

      Review this thread and check on flexcoders--there are a number of instances of people suddenly starting to get this runtime error at certain points during the application lifecycle... sometimes when loading applications or modules (in my case), sometimes when working with other navigation components like tab navigators. There is no description of the error given on the runtime errors page, and while this clearly hasn't happened to a great many people, it's been very frustrating to we unhappy few.

      Fortunately forums user jdouille, in the thread referenced above, was able to get this problem to go away by disabling the inclusion of the history manager in the html wrapper. I tried to the same, and, voila! No more connect errors.

      The bad news is, of course, that I may actually want to use the history manager, and would like to be able to do so without any runtime errors.

      Flex team, any input on this?

      Thanks in advance,
      Chris Luebcke