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    Passing values to MediaDisplay.totalTime

    JoeB43 Level 1
      I am trying to play an flv file using the flash streaming server. Everthing is working fine if I hard code the values into the video components. What I want to do is use one swf file to play multiple videos. To do this, I pass code to the swf file via the movie parameter in the Object and embeded tags. Here is what I have so far

      <param name="movie" value="maradona_flvXML.swf?ccXMLfile=airbagcaseSm001.xml&StreamPath=rtmp://tessadev.ed.ps u.edu/video_tutorial/video/airbagcaseSm001.flv" />

      This passes the name of the swf file, maradona_flvXML.swf, the name of the xml file used for passing the closed caption text, airbagcaseSm001.xml, and the location of the flv file that will be streamed, StreamPath=rtmp://tessadev.ed.psu.edu/video_tutorial/video/airbagcaseSm001.flv"

      I would like to pass the length of the movie. In the fla file, I am using the mediacontroller, the mediadisplay, and the HiCaptionViewer component. I can set the time in the Media Display component using Video Length. I have tried using main_movie.totalTime=253 in the Action script. Main_movie is the name of the Media display component. Here is what appears to happen,

      If there is a value set in the Media Display Video Length, it uses that correctly. The sliding bar moves from left to right as the movie plays. It also allows me to move back and forth through the movie. If I take out the time and leave the 4 boxes in Video Length empty, The sliding bar stays to the left and doesn't move at all. It ignores the main_movie.totalTime=253.

      I am trying to set this up so that some teachers can upload videos without having to go into Flash and set the parameters manually for each video. If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it.