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    Slight slowdown in my movie, don't really know why...

      Most of my director movie up to this point has cast members that are vector files made in Illustrator and exported as SWF's. They don't have any animation or scripting built int othe SWF, just the vector shapes. There is a point in my movie when it will "hiccup" and pause for a split second right before it loads 6 channels with 6 different SWF cast members in them. I'm not experienced with Director, but it seems to me like 6 simple vector items loading shouldn't pause my movie...Any ideas why this is happening? Are there some settings in the SWF export I should be checking? Is this the best way to import vector files from Illustrator? Thanks!
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          duckets Level 1
          You could try looking into the 'commonplayer' feature which allows multiple flash movies to share the same player instance. A few other performance tips from the director help pages:

          Use Copy ink if possible. Transparency, using Background Transparent ink, requires much more processing time. If your Flash sprite is in the background (no other Director sprites are behind it), use Copy instead of Background Transparent, and author your Flash content in such a way that its background color is the same as the background color you chose for your Director Stage.

          Use Direct to Stage if possible. Layering and transparency are not supported in this mode; however, if you just want to play Flash content within a box with the best performance possible, this may be the way to go.

          Hope this helps,

          - Ben