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    Still having trouble loading X5

      Okay, so I followed all the suggestions from this forum and some tech notes I found, but to no avail. Apparently, my installation CD is jacked up, which means my setup.exe is not being read properly. I copied to my hard drive and tried that, but it still didn't work. When I called Adobe, they gave me a hassle even though I gave them the Serial number, told them what the box looked like, and almost promised my next 14 children, grandchildren, and the remainder of my proginy. So how about this: If I get someone to send me the setup.exe file and run it to my PC, I should be able to do that right? I have a valid number so it's not like I'm thieving anything. My other question is, do I need any other files along with the setup.exe or is everything packaged in the executable?