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    new user of flex.


      I am a new user of Flex and i am evaluating. it.
      I need to develop an interactive website. Most of the data is static. How shd i go about doing this?.

      Do i need flex Builder 2 or Flex SDK will suffice.

      Will i need coldfusion??.

      Pls help me.
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          michael_ramirez44 Level 1
          Flex might be overkill. What kind of interaction will the web site have?

          Michael Ramirez
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            fnik Level 1

            The website will have normal interaction. Like there is a list of faculty n then wen clciked it will show the details.

            also there will be some nice features like screen savers will show some clips.

            again there will be some videos being played.

            Tats all i guess.

            we have an option to use Flash macromedia. I just heard about flex so thought of evaluating.

            Pls tell me what product to use. Flex Builder2, flex SDK.

            Thanks .
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              hi there, flex i think is better suited to applications rather than entire websites. im sure others might disagree. I Love flex for things like a photo viewer, faculty browser app, video player, store, admin interface etc... things that you can launch from a web site. dont build the whole website in flex is my opinion though, pick apps that can take advantage of its interactivity. especially if you are a new developer would be best to isolate your apps into smaller projects as flex may take some time to learn without a class.

              Flex Builder is crucial imo to developing Flex apps. SDK will allow you to compile code you write into a runnable SWF Movie but the Builder is a code editor and also helps to organize your source files. The main thing it does is provide you with much needed code hints about components you use and tags. Without it you have to kind of memorize or use other references which is a pain.

              Good Luck!
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                Yes, for sure, without the builder it would be a pain I think too. You can embed the .swf within your html, so you could make a video player in flash and drop it into an HTML page. I don't see why that would not work.

                I agree with the others as well.

                You might also look at Spry and or an ajax (javascript, xml, css) solution to add some interactivity.

                The good thing about Flash apps as a developer it removes the ongoing need to deal with cross browser issues. While one might say you need the Flash Player installed on the client, pretty much everyone does and the ones that don't, oh well, you can't reach everyone.

                My two cents.