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    Anyone used Revolution?

      Hi, I've been authoring applications in Director for 10 years now, and have grown to love Director, but the landscape is changing rapidly, and Director seems to have been largely sidelined with only the suggestion that it will be aimed more at gaming in the future. So I got to thinking, hmm well I still need to build sophisticated desktop apps, and if Director may be shuffling away from doing this then I should see what else is going on. Apollo looks promising, but when is it going to happen, plus just exactly what can it do, and the fact it doesn't have an open architecture for 3rd party developers (in the first version at any rate) is a little unsettling. So, I found out about this little number called Revolution, that as far as I can tell is trying to take on the mantle of desktop app development. Could it be that this chirpy upstart is the successor? I don't know. If any of you have had any experience with it, it would be great to here your thoughts. Here's a link to the revolution website: http://www.runrev.com/
      Thanks. J