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    how do i deploy the app

      I am a new user of flex. I have used Flex Builder 2 and developed a project.

      Now i wish to deploy it on a webserver so that everyone can use this.

      Pls suggest me how shd i do this.

      Wat format shd the project be exported?.

      Thanks for the help.
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          michael_ramirez44 Level 1
          Copy SWF file plus HTML wrapper to web server. If you are using FDS then you must deplay your WAR file.
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            Also make sure if your SWF file calling a remote server for the XML or data that you have a cross-domain.xml file which allows the live server to talk to another. The HTML/PHP/CFM file is what calls the SWF movie file Flex Builder generates. Should work fine then when loading that file on the new web server as long as your paths to the SWF are correct. Nothing else needs to be on the server. Flash Client which loads your movie does everything else.