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    show / hide + tabNavigator


      Is it possible to show / hide tabs within a tabNavigator depending orn e.g. a variable value....?

      For example - I have a webService which gets the "user type" (admin / general user) and sets a variable within the Flex 2 application relevent to this.

      If the user type is a "general user" then I want them to see (only) the default tabs within the tabNavigator, but if the user type is an "admin user", then I want to show another (additional) tab etc........

      <mx:TabNavigator id="tn">
      <vBox id="tab1" label="default tab 1">content</vBox> - always show tab within tabNavigator
      <vBox id="tab2" label="default tab 2">content</vBox> - always show tab within tabNavigator
      <vBox id="tab3" label="default tab 3">content</vBox> - always show tab within tabNavigator

      <vBox id="adminTab" label="admin tab">content</vBox> - only show tab within tabNavigator for admin users (otherwise hide)