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    Tweening Class questions

    SymTsb Level 2
      Hey everyone. Few questions about the Tween class.

      I have a SubMenu class I created. During this classes creation, a few things take place I'd like to animate.

      The first, is thea line that is drawn on the left side of the menu as well as under each menu item. Currently, I'm simply doing this with the MovieClip classes drawing functions moveTo() and lineTo(). Can something like this be done? Would each line need to be a movieclip of it's own?

      The second, involves the menu's text. These fields are created using createTextField and at the current time, are only encapsulated inside the main submenu container. They do have instance names though. Is it possible to animate these using the tween class without encapsulating them inside independent movie clips?

      A push in the right direction would be much appreciated here. I need to address both situations before I can move forward with the project. Thanks in advance.