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    Email vars from swf file - NEED HELP Please

    Denise Hambrick
      I have an interactive flash file that has dynamic variables that I'm trying to send to a php file which in turn will send an email with the variables attached.

      I'm using SendAndLoad with "POST" to send the variables to php and an email script in php to send the variables.

      I have been able to send an email but the variables are not attached. I read in Flash documentation: "Make sure you test your documents in a browser window, because otherwise your variables are sent using GET".
      And GET will not let me send a long string (which I have as well as other variables).
      I also tried playing the swf from the server with the php file. I got an email but the variables were not included. For this testing, I have not included my long string, just short variables to get going. Yet they are not in the email.

      In the end, this needs to work when playing the swf from a CD, while on line, but won't be played from a server.

      Can this be done? Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance.