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    Smart Preview use with 5K iMac

    CD_Studios Level 1

      I recently upgraded from my 1st Generation Mac Pro 1,1 to the 5K iMac.  Being used to working with an older machine, I found that I enjoyed great gains in speed when Smart Previews were introduced to LR.  My process would be to generate 1:1 Previews as well as Smart Previews and then disconnect my RAW files from the catalogue.  LR would reference the Smart Previews with crazy speed allowing me to cull AND edit entire weddings with ease.  I would only re-connect the RAW's when the time came to export the High Resolution Files. 


      My question/issue:


      Using the exact same workflow with the 5K iMac, Culling works like a charm.  The issue surfaces when I move to the develop module.  Selecting "Fit" image within the Navigator does not allow the image being edited to fill the screen.  Nor does 1:1.  But, when I select 2:1, the image zooms to 2:1 easily with no apparent pixilation.  This is with the 5K iMac set to its default resolution BTW.  This was not an issue with non-Retina displays.  I've tried every work around I can think of to increase the size of the Smart Previews as well as 1:1 Previews but to no avail.  When I re-connect the RAW's, everything behaves as it should.  But the speed bumps come from disconnecting the RAW's and working with the Smart Previews.  Also, the portability of the catalogue with Smart Previews is awesome.  I don't feel that a viable workaround = keep RAW files connected.  It is a slower workflow these days.  Mind you, when in Grid mode, when culling, and when in loop mode, there isn't any issue of showing the image full size of the loop area. 


      I'm confident this is an issue with the newly introduced Retina display.  It seems the actual pixels are shown when in Develop Mode and pixels are presented differently in Loop/Grid Mode. 


      I hope this makes sense.  Has anyone found a viable work around?  Does anyone know if the next iteration of LR will have enhanced support for Retina displays? 


      Thank you in advance!

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Smart previews have fewer pixels than your original RAW photo, and therefore fewer pixels than the regular previews.


          So, smart previews will not fill the 5K screen at 1:1, it doesn't have enough pixels, and 1:1 does not allow Lightroom to make up extra pixels. Fact of life, I don't think there's anything you can do about this.

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            CD_Studios Level 1

            This is partly the case:


            While it is true that smart previews have a portion of the pixel count (2560) from the original RAW file, there is a difference between how Grid Mode (Loop) interprets the smart preview vs how the Develop Mode interprets the smart preview.  It already makes sense to me that 1:1 previews do not fill the screen based upon how the Retina display works.  What is confusing to me is how/why "Fit" screen (found within the navigator) when in develop does not present a fitted image.  As I said above, selecting 2:1 is viewable without noticeable pixelation but is too large for the screen. 


            Again, this is an issue how how LR interprets the smart preview differently between Grid Mode and Develop Mode. 

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              dj_paige Level 9

              I believe Fit will only make images smaller to Fit the available space, I don't think Fit makes images larger.

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                CD_Studios Level 1

                That may be true re Fit image.


                But, after more tinkering, I've found that when summoning the crop tool, the smart preview fills the screen completely with crop handles on all 4 corners.  So again, there is something going on with regard to how LR is interpreting smart previews in develop vs crop AND within grid mode. 

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                  davidbutlerii Level 1

                  hoping Adobe would answer this question.  I know exactlly what your talking about working with smart previews being to small on screen while editing then when you use the crop tool the image fills the screen and looks fine for editing but onnce you exit the crop tool the image goes back to a small view. We Want Smart Preivews lookign like we have the crop tool on with Out The Crop Tool Being On. Not Rocket Sience :-)  Please FIX!!! :-)



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                    dj_paige Level 9

                    hoping Adobe would answer this question.

                    In general, this is a user-to-user forum, and "Adobe" doesn't answer questions of this nature.


                    There is a link on the front page of this forum for bug reports and feature requests.

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                      Bob Somrak Level 6

                      davidbutlerii wrote:


                      Tool Being On. Not Rocket Sience :-) Please FIX!!! :-)



                      There is nothing for Adobe to FIX.  Smart Previews have a smaller number of pixels for several reasons and is as designed.  There is NO reason to make the Smart Preview larger.   If you want more pixels use the full size RAW.

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                        davidbutlerii Level 1

                        Hi Bob,


                        Thanks for you input but respectfully you apparently have no idea what I'm talking about. My post is clear in what I and others are frustrated by.


                        David Butler II

                        Butler Photography

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                          cppasm Level 3

                          And Library uses 1:1 previews which you generated - that's why Fit works fine there.

                          While Develop uses Smart Preview and it just doesn't have enough pixels to fit the screen.

                          In short - you are frustrated by the fact that Fit view doesn't enlarge image to fit the screen, only downsizing it.

                          This is by design and there is no reason for different behavior.

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                            Bob Somrak Level 6

                            I know exactly what you are talking about as I also have an iMac Retina 5K screen and have seen this.  I also understand what the Smart Previews are used for so don't view it as something Adobe needs to address in a FIX.  You really can't do an adequate job of sharpening and noise reduction using smart previews.   I always use full size RAW in Develop.   You can post a feature request here.  Photoshop Family Customer Community

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                              dj_paige Level 9

                              Agreeing with Bob Somrak. This is the way it was designed, and so there is really nothing to "fix".


                              You can, however, request a new feature, although what you are requesting seems to totally defeat the purpose of Smart Previews.