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    DataGrid Strange Sort when editing fields

    Pieter V

      I am trying to implement a DataGrid with a sorted and filtered ArrayCollection for a list of Products. The last column, Stock, is editable with a NumericStepper ItemRenderer. Everything works fine, but when I sort on the Color column, and change the value of Stock for a product, the order of the rows changes.

      You can see the problem (with source) here: http://opendev.illusoft.com/flex/datagrid01/DataGrid01.html

      In the top grid, all the products are listed. At the bottem only the specials are listed. You will see the strange behaviour when you sort on the 'Color' column in the bottom DataGrid. Then use the NumericStepper of the BOTTOM row of the bottom DataGrid to change the value. You will see that the order of the 2 rows will be changed.

      - Does anyone know how to solve this behaviour?

      Thanks in advance for your help.