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    How can I add a Drawing Markup/Annotation to my stamp while it's being stamped?


      I have created Dynamic Stamp and works perfect and its located in my user profile:


      And this works just fine...


      Now I want to add a line to the stamp.

      I want the user to introduce the length of the line using a response box (app.response)


      For some reason when I try to add the line using:


      var new_line = this.addAnnot({





        style:"S ",






      After this, the variable "new_line" is NULL, can somebody help me here?

      So I cant add the line using JavaScript


      Ironically when I try to create a field (text box) using JavaScript it works perfectly ....


      var oField=this.addField({

      cName: "info",

      cFieldType: "text",

      nPageNum: 6,

      oCoords: [ 20, 20, 1, 1 ]


      oField.value = "Hello World !!!";



      I am able to insert the line manually when I open the stamp file in Acrobat and add the line under Comment->Drawing Markups->Draw Line. However I want the length of the line to be inserted by the user when the user applies the stamp... Can anybody help me here?