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    My Flash Player is "out-of-process." How can I fix this.


      Good Morning,

      I have the latest version of Flash Player and am running it in Google Chrome. Have been trying to play Facebook games but they do not function properly. I have tried several times to delete the data but this does not help. However when I go into my control panel to delete I see a message that the version of Flash that I have is not compatible with Chrome. And when I go into Chrome:plugins I see the Player but in Parenthesis it says: out-of -process. Could one of these be my problem or would it be something else. Here is a description of how the games function. Most of them run slowly. One in particular, Gardens of Time, tends to freeze. I then must get out of the game and go back in. Hopefully someone can help me fix this! Thank you.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Flash Player for Chrome is a built-in component of Chrome.  There's nothing separate to install or manage.  It's also totally isolated from the control panel stuff.  Out-of-process is a good thing (this means that Flash can crash without taking the whole browser down), and is how it's supposed to work.


          So it sounds like there's a crash on the game.  It's probably that Flash is just running out of memory.  If you have 32-bit Chrome (it will say on that About Chrome screen), you might want to uninstall Chrome entirely.  You should get the 64-bit version of Chrome on the next download.  Depending on how much RAM your computer has, this may improve the situation significantly.


          You might also be able to work around the issue using a different browser.  Each major browser uses a significantly different variant of Flash Player, so it might be specific to Chrome.  Either way, it's an interesting data point.


          I'd like to try and reproduce the hang that you're describing, but it would be helpful to narrow things down a bit -- if you could give me some more details about your computer and browser, that would be really helpful:


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            ctredsoxfan Level 1

            I have a Dell all in one. It was purchased about a year ago. It has 4 gb Ram and a 64 bit operating system with an x64 bit processor. It came with windows 8.1 installed. My girls have the latest version of chrome installed as that is what they use in school. I started using chrome as I found my Garden ran better. Lately though the game just freezes. I get to do a few things in there before I have to leave the game and reenter. Sometimes I have to log out of Chrome and reenter. There are also times when I delete the data in Flash to see if that helps. Usually doesn't. As I am not an expert I have done all I am capable of doing including uninstalling and reinstalling. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thank you!