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    InDesign CC crashes randomly & CC keeps prompting me to sign and license the software tho I've done it many times


      The problem with the sign in issue is happening less now (it was happening every time i opened any CC program), but when it comes up it tells me I have a trial with 0 days left ( I don't have a trial, never did ) and it prompts me to sign in and license the software. I click the sign in and click license so that I can open the program - tho sometimes ID is prompting me when I already have Photoshop open and am signed in just fine with that. I've used Adobe's tech support four times - twice with chat, twice with phone support and each time they tell me it's fixed and won't happen again...then it happens again. In the middle of all of this, InDesign crashes randomly and then prompts me with this message again - often it says a network connection was lost and then crashes. I'm not working on a file that is on our server, just on my computer (one or two links might be on the network server tho). I seem to be connected to both our local network and the internet when it tells me that - no disruption in my connection or anyone else's that I can tell. I'm so frustrated with CC. We upgraded a few weeks ago and it's been a nightmare trying to get it to work right.