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    Could not copy necessary files, no errors.


      The document I'm working on has no errors according to the preflight panel, neither does any of the links have any slashes, semicolons, backslashes or any other forbidden characters as far as I know.


      But when I choose to pack it all up it says the following, roughly translated from the Swedish version of InDesign, "InDesign could not pack the document Yaddayadda.indd. Could not copy necessary linked files"


      Not even the method where you copy all links to a new folder works since it gives me the error "Could not copy the links to a folder".


      I've searched around for some ways to fix this but none has worked so far, any clues?


      PS: This is a huge product catalog im working with which has been split into several smaller indesign documents. Is there perhaps an upper limit on the size which indesign can read?