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    save psd as psdx?


      Hi, is it possible to do this? It would be way easier if I could create layered files in Pshop, save as psdx, present to customers on an ipad, change a few layers + colours for them, etc. This would be a better workflow. I can open psdx in Pshop, but there's no 'save as'?!? Is this likely to get implemented?


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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Oddly, one cannot save as PSDX in Photoshop itself. (Or even save a PSDX that was opened in Photoshop as a PSDX.)


          Do you want to collaborate with these PSDXs? You could upload to Creative Cloud and then download/upload at will from PS Touch itself. They'll stay as PSDXs that way.

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            davidr79983769 Level 1

            Thanks for clarifying. I want to use Touch as a tool to zero in on customer-desired changes. We do custom aircraft interiors, and with Touch, Designers can turn options on/off via layers, and even modify fabric colours. Every project is different, and each project may have 5 or more psdx files with 16 layers -that's why I'd prefer to do the setup in Pshop on my desktop and save as psdx in a network location (or C Cloud) where Designers can load content onto their ipads. Working solely in Touch is probably a deal-breaker. Any chance Adobe will make it possible to save as psdx from Pshop? Seems like a simple thing to implement. More layers would be nice, too.

            thanks again

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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

              Adobe must have increased the number of layers PS Touch could work with; it was 12 layers initially when first released.


              I would love the idea of saving as PSDX from Photoshop myself. It would make things a lot more streamlined though users would have to be aware of the limitations of the format, like not having adjustment layers or the limited amount of layers.


              I was going to mention Photoshop Mix but since you have multiple layers going on, that's not really a viable option. (I think Mix works with two.)


              Anyone there use a Microsoft Surface Pro? You could load desktop Photoshop on it (though you'd have to enable the 200% UI increase or else you'd deal with tiny icons).