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    InDesign (magazine, layout/graphic heavy) to .MOBI and .EPUB

    yn Level 1

      Serious question. I've been searching but all that I come across are based on very generic text layout. I can figure out how to basically export to EPUB, but the process strips the design completely. I really need to create .MOBI/.EPUB books that look like the original design layout (barring shifts due to format). I tried this a while back and ended up redesigning layout to fit the media reader. I was hoping for a more streamlined process. I know that some features became available with past IND updates, but unfortunately we are still using CS 5.5. Upgrades may be possible, but not assumed.


      Please, if anyone has experience in visual layouts being exported or converted to proper digital reader layouts, I could really use some direction   I see magazine subs, but I just can't find tutorials or documentation to support the development side of that type production. Even if it's PDF conversion. Just, I do have the source IND and artwork which I assume would be the best starting point.


      "Please help, Obi (insert your username here), you're my only hope."




      Thanks in advance for any help that you might be able to share.


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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          You can only have simple designs with reflowable text ePubs. If you want to have higher design values then have  look at fixed layout ePubs. You really need to upgrade to InDesign CC2014  to have the facility to do these.

          You'll also need to learn how to produce them. Have a look at the excellent tutorials at Lynda.com


          Also have a look at this new book: Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign CC: Moving Beyond Print to Digital: Diane Burns, Sandee Cohen: 9780133930160: Ama…


          There is an Adobe ePub forum on here.



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            yn Level 1


            Much appreciated for the references. The last time we tried this (CS 5.5), we ended up formatting layout specific to the device intended for view---which was different that our printing format. It was difficult, to say the least. I understood that the next IND release added help with this to try to automatically adjust layout to different device standards, all self-contained within the single IND file as opposed to saving multiple files each with its own specs determined by device. Helpful, but still ...yikes. Everything at the time was pointing to DPS. Not sure that's ideal for us though.


            Based on your suggestions, I did find a nice video intro here. This is CC2014 and looks beautiful---assuming EPUB3 is universal. Hey, at least it's a foot in the right direction. Thanks for that!


            Also, my bad on posting here. I did not see the sub-forum lists on the far right among all the many frames fighting for my attention over there. It's been a while since spending much time here unfortunately. Things are very different!


            If any mods see this, please move to the appropriate section? I will see if I can edit my OP to note this too.




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              Pickory Level 3



              Have you looked at In5, Baker, full page.js?


              We are working a new InDesign export, still in its early beta phase.


              I ran the files from your link through our export. You can see the results here.


              Fullpage. http://bit.ly/1Iwb3pM


              Our Baker index Index


              Still loads of work to do.