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    I have been using Premiere Elements 11 and it worked perfect until about 2 months ago.  It won't upload to You Tube and I need it for my job.  I purchased Premiere Elements 13 on Monday and it won't work at all.  It keeps telling me to log in and when I d


      How can I get Premiere Elements 13 to work?  All it does is loop saying the same thing over and over ... "log in" ... (I have no idea why I need to log in to use the program.  I never had to log in to use "11".  After I finish logging in, it takes me to the program.  When I click on the program to start; it says to log in again ... over and over for days.  Adobe support has been no help at all!!!  I was on the phone with them 3 times and I've had chats with them and was on hold for 4 hours and nothing got done and they terminated the chat!!!  STILL, nothing has been done other than they got my money for nothing.