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    Exporting Interactive PDF and viewing in full screen problem with fuzzy text




      If anyone can help me on this I'll be eternally grateful! I've spent a large amount of time discussing it with Adobe and they weren't able to suggest anything.


      So I'm creating an interactive pdf of my graphic design portfolio, I've set the pdf to open in full screen which it does and everything looks great, however when you click off the first page and go to any other page everything instantly looses any sharpness, the text becomes fuzzy the images look more low res. If I zoom in and out the problems corrects it self and everything becomes sharp, until you click on to the next page, then it's fuzzy again.


      When you look at the PDF not in full screen there is no problem from page to page also I've created a normal print pdf of the same material and viewed it in full screen and everything remains sharp all the time, so creating it 'interactive' and viewing full screen seems to be doing something??


      I'm using a trial version of InDesign CC and Acrobat Pro all totally uptodate and I have the latest version of Acrobat reader same problem in both.


      I have a Mac Book Pro Retina screen.


      One interesting thing, when I open the pdf on my old mac book it looks fine and when I open it in Adobe Reader on my iPad it looks fine.


      This is kind of an issue becuase I'm sending my portfolio out for prospective graphic design jobs I don't want them looking at fuzzy text and images.


      Many many thanks!