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    Does database information held in PDF needs security enhanced?

    Magus069 Level 4

      Hi there,


      I've made a form with information coming from a database which is held into drop down lists..

      Once the information is held in the PDF, I can process the information the way I want using JSON Object...

      This way is much easier to alternate the processing of the information, especially when using Adobe Reader.


      My question is, would it be more than safe to encrypt all the data in the drop down lists which are hidden in a page which users cannot access..

      I'm just trying to figure out if there could be a case where a user would be able to retrieve the data from the hidden page...

      Which is a security problem regarding the PDF, even though I have a password protection for the PDF.


      Should I encrypt or the PDF is more likely safe to keep that information hidden from users...


      What's your opinion?