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    load video into loaded swf

    P Priddle
      I've set up a test file and I'm having big problems loading a video file from within a loaded movie.

      I have 3 files - "base.swf". This loads a swf - "LoadVideo.swf" into level 10


      This, ("LoadVideo.swf"), has a button with the code

      loadVideo_mc.onRelease = function() {

      This third file - "Video.swf" is called from "loadVideo.swf" above and lives in the same folder. The file reference in the content path of the component skin reads:-


      The video loads OK, but the component skin does not.

      Has anybody any ideas as to why this isn't working? I've been working for ages on this and I would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.

      Here is a link to the zipped folder.
      download zipped folder

      Please ignore the attached code below. I don't know how to get rid of it.