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    controlling  menu with a button

      I have 5 buttons. one to activatie the menu and 4 that go right, left, up down.
      I want to do the following.

      if i push te button to activatie te menu i want to scrol with the up en down button in the menu. and if i would push the right button an other menu would apear if it exist. left is to go back in a previous menu if a submenu is opend.

      does anyone know how to do that?
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          You will probably need to use a bunch of conditional statements to
          control the mouse events on each of those button sprites.

          For instance, you could create a property variable in the menu button
          sprite that holds a boolean value, true or false. When the user clicks
          on the button sprite to show the menu, set the value of that variable to
          true. Then in the up and down button sprites, you can look at the value
          of that variable to see if the button sprite should work or not.

          The first thing that you need to do is to plot out the logic of each of
          these button controls. Draw a diagram to show which button is related to
          which other button(s), and what should happen in relation to the others.
          This will give the the logic that will help you to write the behaviors
          for each of these sprites.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert