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    Another "Preview Unavailable for this File" message (iPhone)


      When importing from my iPhone, I'll get this message for all photos it's trying to import.  If I then look somewhere else for pics, say my HD, and then go back to the phone, I'll get a number of previews, but often not all.  Repeat this process a couple or 3 times and the previews eventually show up. 


      And, as a side note, even though I've checked the "New Photos" box, and the import preset includes "Don't Import Suspected Duplicates", I get 351 previously imported pictures showing up and checked in the import view.  If I import them, all is well and they don't show up  the next time I do an import.  However, if I then run a duplicate search using the Duplicate Finder plugin, I get 325 duplicate files (650 total) searching only by name.  The previously imported ones have all been tagged, so I really would prefer not to delete these... yet if I delete the newer, untagged files... voila, they appear again when it's next time to import from my phone.  I tried deleting one of the previously tagged photos to see what would happen, and it didn't show up in the next import attempt.  It appears that LR does not recognize the previously tagged photos as already in the library when it comes time to import.

      Very frustrating. Any ideas? 

      Thanks in advance.

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          I have the same issues with my iPhone and with my digital SLR's. It seems that Lightroom is not a suitable or stable application for cataloging images. I have always had these issues with Lightroom through different versions and I purchased this program to import and catalog my images so I could avoid duplicates. But that it does not work and I spend even more time carefully deleting duplicates. I would like to see an answer to this question as well. What is the purpose of Lightroom if it cannot be used to import and catalog images?