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    AutoComplete with changing dataprovider

      Hello Members!

      I'd like to use Adobe's AutoComplete component in such a way, that the
      values for the dropdown list are provided by a remote server based on
      the already entered text. Something like Google Suggest. You enter
      "apple"... the list contains "apple, apple souce, apple pie, ...". If
      you keep on typing and enter "apple com" then the dropdown updates to
      "apple computer, apple competition, apple comments, ...".

      I managed to partially implement this with adding typedTextChange
      event to the AutoComplete and getting the values there. The dropdown
      only opens if I call open() on it when I receive the data from the server.

      My problem is that I cannot update the dropdown values without
      reopening the combo box which looks ugly. Not like
      this - because he has all the data locally.

      Any suggestions, examples?

      Thansk you very much!