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    CF7 Verity  collection not compatible on CF6.1?


      Does anyone know if CF7 Verity collections are supposed to be back-compatible with CF6.1?

      My Internet site is 7 but Intranet is 6.1. This upgrade has just happened recently, and since Intranet searches over Internet collection crashes server (JRUN restarts). That's what I am pinning it down to anyway, coz nothing else has changed that I know of.

      We have a cron job that copies our Internet collection down to the Intranet nightly. We copy the collect over so that staff can search over bother Internet/Intranet in one search, rather than separately (as they often don't know which site a particular document is on).

      Our Intranet search app uses the same code as Internet (different servers, but same script) so the problem can't be that...

      Anyone else have this problem? Know any work arounds?

      I am thinking of setting up some sort of web service on Internet that hopefully my Intranet can tap into (my luck there will be firewall issues).

      I can create two separate searches - Intranet only and Internet only (which can forward staff to Internet site) but as I said, they would not to search over the two sites...

      Thanks in advance for any help!