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    Problem moving photos & video to a new external drive


      I'm trying to solve a problem with moving files from one external disc to another.  I purchased a larger, faster hard drive and am attempting to move the photos to it.  I've tried both from within Lightroom by drag and drop method and outside of Lightroom in finder using copy paste and then relinking the folder in Lightroom.  The problem is, while the photos are totally fine, the video/movie files are not working properly. 


      Before moving, I wrote down the number of files in each folder listed in LR.  After the 'move within LR' method, I saw that not the files moved.  It turned out that all the files moved, but the video/movies were no longer showing up in the LR catalog.  I can re-import them, but I believe I lose the metadata that was previously attached, like keywords, and that's a bit annoying.


      I tried the alternative approach.  I copied and pasted using finder on the Mac.  Then, within LR, I relinked the path to this new location.  This time it shows all of the files, and again, all of the photos are fine, but the video/movie files, while showing up in the catalog, say that they can't be found.  I checked the source, on my new drive, they are there and play properly.  But they won't play within LR unless I relink each one individually.


      Any ideas as to what might be causing this?  Thank you.


      -Scott Fuller