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    loading in external movie

      hi all

      I have a problem loading in movies from a movie with a scrolling menu. the problem is the movie(load.swf, the movie trying to load into)is also loaded into main movie, so because of this needs the code;


      at the end of the maintimeline to load in and out of the main movie.
      thus my problem, I have the movie load.swf loading in and out of my main.swf but know I can't get the little external movies to load into load.swf......does this make any sense...sorry bit of a newbie : (

      so movie trying to load into is


      small external movies to load


      I've put a link to a zipped folder with the fla's in would anyone beable to help me get the movies movie1_02.fla and
      movie1_03.fla loading into load.fla whilst still keeping the


      on the main timeline??

      heres the ln link


      cheers for your help
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          SymTsb Level 2
          if you want the movies to simply load into your load.swf like this and when one finishes the next loads in, you'd be better off creating a container movie clip at (0,0) that you load your load.swf movie into. tell this movie to play through its timeline. at the end of that timeline, have it do a this.loadMovie("movie1_02.swf") and then add a line of AS on the end of movie1_02.swf that would
          this.loadMovie("movie1_03.swf"). not the best approach but it should work.