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    How do I attach a callback to a element created using createChildSymbol()


      I have drag functionality in which I want to create a custom helper so I am using a helper function that would create a element based on a symbol.  The created element has a call back that when swiped left will be destroyed.  but the callback is once in a while ( 1 out of 20 times). Here is my code snippet:


      sym.$('.draggable').draggable({ containment: "Parent",

        helper: function(){

        var dom = [];

                  // Create an instance element of a symbol as a child of the

        // given parent element

        var copyOfSym = sym.createChildSymbol($(this).attr("id").replace("Stage_Redux_","") , "Stage");

        copyOfSym.getSymbolElement().bind('swipeleft', function(event){




      The 'swipeleft'  does not get called consistently.


      What am I doing wrong?