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    RoboHelp 7 trial: no extension?

    nylarising Level 1
      this is rather frustrating. i've used up my thirty day trial period for RoboHelp 7, and contacted adobe to request a two week extension (something that the competitors are more than willing to do). however, i was told no, no can do. for two little weeks extra?

      as a long time robohelp user (since 1996), i then asked to escalate this request to the product manager, and was told there is no product manager for RoboHelp 7. are they kidding me????

      in the everyday world, it simply cannot be possible to stop the work for which you get paid to test new software eight hours a day, 30 days in a row (unless of course you are a tester, which i am not). two weeks is not long to ask for an extension, but to be told flat out no? i then asked for an escalation to a customer service manager, but was told there were none available (again, are they kidding me????).

      this bureaucratic red tape and lack of service is enough to make me switch to the folks at flare (who are eager to answer questions, extend trials, and chomping at the bit to recruit robohelp folks) or author-it (who are equally as happy to help me).

      ahhh, i feel better.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          The trial has always been limited but since Adobe came on the scene, the limitations are fewer. There is no limit to the number of topics and no scrambling of text as you will get with Flare. Not sure about AuthorIt. I believe you cannot use anything you trial after the trial. You'll need to check this.

          In fact the ONLY limitation is the 30 day trial. It is intended as a trial and that should not take a full thirty days. The limitation is made clear before you start. Of course there is a product manager but he cannot deal with issues like this in an organisation the size of Adobe.

          Nothing to stop you putting it on another PC.