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    alphamania and academic version

    Michael Rutledge Level 1
      After talking with TechSupport at MediaLab i find the problem is with Director 10.1, the extra can not access the SN so will not load here's what he says.
      Macromedia added, without informing Xtra developers, a new "feature" to 10.1 in which the serial number is no longer available to lingo (as you saw) or Xtras on the mac. (Windows 10.1 has no such problem.) Macromedia has yet to officially acknowledge much less explain the situation. . . . If you have an Academic, Multi-User, NFR, or Trial license, try to get your Macromedia salesperson to issue you a "standard" serial number."
      Question: Is this a possiblility or is there a fix/workaround?
      MacPro dual 2.66 OSX10.4.8 Director MX2004