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    runtime error on import

    davjsim Level 1
      I'm running RH 4x.1. I've created successfuly a number of HTML projects by importing WinHelp projects to HTML. However, in trying to import one in particular, I'm getting the following error, which occurs at the end of the RH Wizard, when the actual file import takes place:
      Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
      Runtime Error!
      Program c:\program files\Robohelp Office\RoboHTML\RoboHTML.exe
      Abnormal program termination

      It actually starts to import, adding (or creating) the following files in the destination folder:
      rprIntroduction.htm (one of the imported topics)

      I'm at wit's end. I left it yesterday to move on, and created a different HTML project via WinHelp import, and that was fine; no trouble at all.
      Any ideas?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi David. It sounds like there is something in your winhelp project that is causing RH to gag. You could look at the logfile.htm for clues but if it doesn't then you'll probably have to split the winhelp file into chunks and import each one at a time to see where the problem lies. If it contains multiple .RTF files you could try importing them one at a time into a test project. Is there anything different about this winhelp project? Come back with your results.