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    Links to external .chm files vanishing

      The situation: Two documents, created in RoboHelp for Word with the primary layout set to HTML help.
      One gets compiled so I have a .chm file that I want to link to in the second.

      The links seem to work while in the RoboHelp editor. Right-click and view shows the topic I want from the .chm file.
      I've tried setting the link's action type as both "html jump" and as "external topic"
      In the .RTF file, the link looks like:
      {\uldb\cf11 Programmer's Guide}{\v !JumpHtml(`mk:@MSITStore:ProgrammersGuide.chm::/html/WelcometotheProgrammer_sGuide.htm')}

      But, when I compile the .chm, the link vanishes without a trace. This is not good. Does anyone have an idea, please?