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    cfexecute / ant script not returning results in CF

    boughtonp Level 1
      I've got a batch script that runs an ant script that executes "cvs log -h application.cfm" on the cvs server.

      When I execute the batch script manually on the command line, everything works fine.

      When I execute the batch script via CFEXECUTE, the batch works fine, the ant script works fine, but the cvs command doesn't appear to do anything. The results from the tag are:
      [echo] before
      [echo] after

      As you'll see from the attached ant script (unchanged except for the cvsroot attribute), those echos are either side of the cvs command.
      When running via the command line, I get the results from the cvs log command in between those lines, but with CF I get nothing.

      Any ideas at all on how to get this working will be greatly appreciated.