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    Resize Panel when scrollbar appears?

      Hi, think this has to be pretty simple...

      I have a Panel.
      Inside it is a Text component and a Repeater underneath that (repeating a CheckBox) .
      under the repeater I have an HBox with a couple of LinkButtons inside.
      All works fine.

      I want to set the "maxHeight" of the Panel (so that if I get too many Checkboxes appearing, my content will scroll vertically).

      When the vertical scrollbar appears, so does the horizontal scrollbar ...this is because the width of my Panel doesn't change, but the vertical scrollbar eats in to that width - therefore I get horizontal scrolling of about 16 pixels.

      If I set horizontalScrollbarPolicy to false then my content is still clipped.
      My Panel doesn't have a width specified. I have tried setting the width of all children to 100% - I still get clipping.

      I can muster a workaround, but I thought there must surely be something in-built, already in place to deal with this kind of scenario?

      Help appreciated. I can post the code if need be.