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    rollover button using external xml

      I am able to get a button with a movie clip to appear when the movie clip is a single frame. However, I want this button to be invisible when you start, and then appear when you hover over it. When I try to give the movieclip states of up, over, and out, I cant figure out how to get the movie to gotoAndPlay('over');

      What I am trying to do is create a new button:

      newBut.but_txt.text=allData .attributes.text

      If your looking at this and the answer is smaking you in the face, I hope you take pitty on me and help a newbie out. This is part of a larger piece I am trying to do and have never used external files before. I know how to get a gotoAndPlay to work,

      grid_container["cell"+counter].onRollOver = function(){

      Why cant I use this here? I just cant figure out how to make the button appear only when you hover over it.

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          depakchopra Level 1
          ok, I added this after the newBut.but_txt.text=allData .attributes.text :

          newBut.onRollOver = function(){
          newBut.onRollOut = function(){

          That seems to partly do the trick, I dont know why I had such a hard time with it prior to this.

          However, I am still missing something. I am wanting to generate hundreds of these buttons, and when you roll over any of them at this time, only the very last one is generating the 'over' state. So I need to reference the specific button I am rolling over. Any suggestions on how to do that?