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    Thanks for help on snowplower


      Thanks a lot for the tips on my multimoving snowplower from all you guys. It  finally worked. Two of the problems i solved was 1: what moving symbol is put into which other symbal? 2: the moving symbol you put in the other symbal needs to have its own separate timeline with as many frames as the scene where the big multimoving symbol plays its act. So in my case I had a plowblade that should change its angle at a certain point. I had to check the scene to se at what time my big snowplowing machine reaches a certain fork in the road which demands a change in plowangle. So I could go back to the plowbladeanimation an set the plow angle to change at for example frames 261 to 298 where it should change in the big scene. The other thing I learned was that i cant animate forward moving of the snowplower in its own symbal. I have to do it in the scene. Ok...you learn something every day. Thanks again for the tips.