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    Best CC App for creating "animated" menu?


      Picture this on the home page of a website: a rectangular frame (size irrelevant for this question), empty inside, every 2 or 3 seconds a new graphic/slide appears (transitions) inside the frame, each has text describing a page in the site; when you click on one of the graphics/slides when it appears, it takes you to that page.


      I'm calling this an animated site menu. (You can call it whatever you like.) (Not being snarky. Just saying there could be different, better terminology.)


      I'm confident that something - some app in Adobe Creative Cloud - will allow me to create a menu like this and then embed it in a web page. This webpage will have other things, like the header graphic, so this menu won't be alone on the page.

      Flash? Edge Animate? Something!! I subscribe to the whole ACC shebang.

      I'm a WYSIWYG type of person, so I don't know code, and I don't know javascript.

      I haven't used a lot of the ACC apps, which is probably why I can't answer this question myself. But if someone can tell me which app (if there is one) will let me create this menu and then embed it in a web page I'd be forever grateful.

      Of course you can ask more questions. I know I've probably not described my project/outcome as clearly as I could have, but it's early, or late depending on how you look at it. (It's 6 am and I've been up all night.)

      Here's the "frame." The white space within the orange rectangle will be a sort of slideshow. Graphics/slides will change every 3 seconds or so. The frame will never change.


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          You can create a slideshow in Edge Animate and put markers and actions on the relevant sections, then size it to fit within your imaginary frame. Otherwise I'm sure there's tons of "preview slideshow with page jump" jQuery widgets out there that can easily be integrated into Muse, Dreamweaver and so on.