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    iframes in repeating areas

      I am now in charge of a Dreamweaver/Contribute site designed by someone else. The home page (index.php) contains an iframe with src="newsItems.html".

      This html file (newsItems.html) has a repeating region. It also uses a JavaScript file to animate the content (scrolling it from bottom to top repeatedly, as well as stopping the animation on mouseOver etc). The JavaScript is attached as source code, but I'm pretty sure there are no errors (it validates fine).

      The relevant lines of code in the newsItem.html file including the javascript are also attached after the JavaScript.

      When trying to edit the page newsItem.html in Contribute (adding a repeating region) the follwing error message occurs:

      "While executing onLoad in InsertRepeatEntry.htm, a JavaScript error occurred"

      I have searched both Google and these forums for this error message, with unhelpful results. Will I just have to work out another way to make these items scroll??