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    Can't change table formatting


      I am having a really weird problem with a table. So, I've copy/pasted two tables from Excel into Indesign. In fact, they're two different selections of cells from the SAME sheet - not just the same Excel file, but the same sheet (tab) within that file.


      With one of them, Indesign let me change anything I wanted. Fonts, strokes, fills, text colour, you name it. Everything I did worked as expected on the first try.


      The other one has me pulling my hair out in frustration, because I do the exact same things and nothing happens. In particular, no matter what I do - whether it's through cell styles, table styles, or just selecting some cells and manually applying a swatch - it still has the same fills it had in Excel. I can't even get rid of the old fills (e.g. by replacing them with "none" or "paper"), much less add new ones. Some other changes work and some don't, there's no obvious pattern. Like I was able to eventually change the colour of the text in the header row, but it took about five tries and I swear I didn't do anything different the fifth time versus the first four.


      The only thing I did in between was create one cell style.


      What could possibly be making the difference here, and more importantly, what can I do about it?