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    users being asked for FTP credentials

      So CPS is correctly setup to use Active Directory to handle the users.

      But when i email a connection key to a user, there is no option to select use my username and password.

      So when they launch contribute they are asked 2 log in with their AD info which is fine, but then they are asked for FTP connection info, username and password.

      I don't want to setup individual users on the server, can't the connection key just use my login info?
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          m gupta Level 1

          1. Administer your cps managed site
          2. Go to the Publishing server Tab. You have a button called "Edit connection" at the bottom.
          3. Uncheck the check box "User must enter their login info"
          4. Enter the user id and password and click Continue.

          Now the sent connection keys will not prompt for the FTP credentials.
          Hope it helps