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    What does it mean if no-one replies to a question on this or the Lightroom community forums?

    EdwardJohnAllen Level 1

      What does it mean if no-one replies to a question on these forums?!


      I know this sounds a wee bit "Meta" but I've posted a few questions on issues that have puzzled me about Lightroom, but not had any responses.


      Does this mean Lightroom experts don't know, or that there are insufficient experts on hand, or perhaps something else?!


      It feels like a weakness in the forum system that some issues just "sit there" unexplored or explained to users seeking assistance don't you think?


      Even a simple response from an expert clarifying why this issue is not being addressed would help....


      (I can't help but feel this is linked to the lack of clarity of purpose around the Community versus this forum; wouldn't it make more sense to have one resource for all knowledge base info where it was made clear if a reply was from an approved Adobe Expert, or a community member? At least then there wouldn't be the confusion and time wasting of hunting around for issues & responses)