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    d. It didn't accept one or the other so i tried to changeassword. It didn't accept one or the other so i tried to change my password. Plugging in the new password doesn't work so I tried to download using a different e-mail. That didn't work either.ord


      I was informed that I needed to up-grade my Flash Player. When I went to install the new stuff it asked for my user name and password. It wouldn't accept one or the other.

      I figured I needed to change the password since my email has always been the same, but here's the thing, when I went to Adobe.com  to see what I could do, the sign in there worked perfectly with the user name and password that the install wouldn't accept. As a certified technophobe, I don't begin to understand how I can use one set of sign-ins at their site and not use the same for an up-grade. Any suggestions?