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    Baseline Grid, Margins, Create Guides do not align, modular grid

    CocoFormula Level 1

      I was setting up baseline grid, margins, columns and rows. I thought I could try a modular grid of some sort. I used the settings that were already the default for most things. I margin is .5 inches on all 4 sides, baseline grid is increment every 12 points. I have a few columns and then try to make rows. The problem is when I set up the baseline grid and look at the margin there is a gap at the bottom that doesn't take up the whole with I'm assuming it's the baseline being cut off how would I calculate it so that the baseline fills up the whole margin without anything getting cut off? When I create rows the same thing happens even if I have adjusted randomly for the margins and baseline to align when I create the rows in create guides even if I set the gutter as the increment every size it only aligns sometimes and does not align at certain number of rows. How can I fix this so that everything baseline grid, margins, rows and columns all align? Is there another method to doing a modular grid? When books tend to show grids of publications, it's always some modular set of boxes, but I don't think you can achieve that with InDesign, can you?


      I use InDesign CS 5.5