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    Exporting a table to an EPUB (a beginners question)

    TREX Level 2

      Epub beginner.


      I trying to teach my self how to create an EPUB, I have watched many tutorials

      from Adobe and beyond all very useful and educational.


      I am using Indesign CS5.5


      Question 1:

      What is the best way to export a ‘table’ to an EPUB doc’ that has dingbats/bullets/ticks in columns,

      when I create a EPUB the bullets/dingbats/ticks change to a font. Would it be better to make a ‘jpeg’

      of the ‘table’ then import back into indesign via the Articles Panel?


      Question 2:

      As a side issue, Is there a way by just using the bullets command to have a single bullet with no text

      so to use in a table instead of using Wingdings etc?


      Thanks in advance for your help.