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    I'm suddenly having problems with CS5 exporting a Mac.app projector.

    sciencegal Level 1

      All I am doing is changing some text on a file that I have exported as a Mac projector before and has worked fine. The app launches another swf through load movie. The newly exported app does not overwrite the previous one - first suspicion something was wrong. I deleted the old copy then the new one was exported. However, when I try to launch it on the newest Mac OSX I get an error due to a damaged file so the app cannot be opened. It will open on an older Mac OSX. Strangely the same app that was exported about 4 months ago works fine on the newest Mac OS so I am just using that for now. I tried reinstalling Flash (I work on windows) over the previous install. This did not fix it. I also saw a few other problems of older files not being overwritten on export and one movie clip that simply would not function correctly when only one bit of text was changed in the code. What can I do? Should I completely delete Flash first? I could not see a way in Window 7 to uninstall Flash CS5. The windows projector works that I also exported works fine.